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SHORT FILM: MMG Models in “Manhatta”, a Film by Indrani

“Manhatta”, a film by Indrani

Be careful what you wish for! A man walks home alone in Manhattan after a routine appointment changes his life. He experiences an archetypal male fantasy of becoming irresistible to women and is overwhelmed, as he discovers what it’s like for women who are constantly objectified. This playful feminist fantasy film counter-colonizes the male gaze, to explore intersectional objectification.

Written and directed by: @indranipc, Produced by: #gkreid

starring: @i.am.meech #drTabib #ElisaMello @nycsmiledesign@ashleystrohlein@gh_gory@realsummerpriester@mirandabeaverr@nancymoeller@thegirlonthebike@saima_name@asavagesincebirth@michaelav@lyokatyagnereva@selbreezy@_avaking@roshniverma@bellaxkiss@evitascoccia@isabelswanson@shana_deandrea@iamjaydakiara@_rachel.g@deannamarienyc@tatianacarmencruzhair#BrianRoser, dp: @zsgrantphoto

edited by: #PeterMostert, asst. edit: #shanedeblasio
color and vfx: @lucjob,
music by: #Asche&Spencer,
sound by: #CaseyChester, makeup: @shedresses,
hair: @martynany and @natalymorenol,
stylist asst: @modelthaddeus, asst: @spicymasalamama,
casting by: #JeffCohen#SimonaSheinkman#MayaraFerraz, @NYMMG

@yvesdurifthesalon @nycsmiledesign

Best Picture: #Indranipc, producer #GKReid, executive producer: #ramintabib RaminTabib
Best Director: #Indranipc
Best Creative Concept: #Indranipc and #GKReid
Best Art Direction: #GKReid
Best Editor: #PeterMostert
Best Cinematography: @zsgrantphoto
Best Music: #Asche&Spencer
Best Sound Design: #CaseyChester
Best Ensemble Cast: @i.am.meech#DrTabib#DrMello@nycsmiledesign@ashleystrohlein@gh_gory@realsummerpriester@mirandabeaverr@nancymoeller@thegirlonthebike@saima_name@asavagesincebirth@michaelav@lyokatyagnereva@selbreezy@_avaking@roshniverma@bellaxkiss@evitascoccia@isabelswanson@shana_deandrea@iamjaydakiara@_rachel.g@deannamarienyc@tatianacarmencruzhair#BrianRoser

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